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August 19, 2009


I think its only a matter of time before a meta-government emerges from a social networking site that is so good at focusing and harvesting the will and insight of literally billions of people that it completely overwhelms all governments and leaves them cornered into following its recommendations.

Social networking will ultimately make our political capital more tangible, allow us to delegate it secretly to the people we find who seem best suited to represent us, and may even evolve into a fully conscious collective mind that is very much like our own brains--made up from the connections between us and leaving us startled at the way it can so effortlessly find, analyze, and resolve our most challenging problems.

Should we really be surprised that the internet, arguably nothing but a metaphysical neuron generator, is beginning to link us in ways that most effectively empowers us to outwit our challenges? Isn't this nothing but the same process that created us in the first place? Little more than a consequence of Murphy's Law--that given enough time, and an environment that permits it, the infrastructure that most effectively links us in empowering ways is simply unavoidable.

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