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December 18, 2007


One day Mayor Gentes asked me if there was anything that I would like to see change or improved, before that day I have never really thought about it. Since then, I have been thinking about that question and then it came to me. I live in the Valley Lakes community and I would I like to see a trail to run, bike ride and to take a long walks. Let's get these trails in place so that we do not have to use major streets and having that fear of being run over. Rt. 53 is not an issue for me, I just get up earlier.

State senate candidate apologizes for 'outright lie'
By Bob Susnjara | Daily Herald Staff

Published: 10/14/2008 3:52 PM

Democratic Round Lake Mayor Bill Gentes apologized Tuesday for not telling the truth about his employment status during a Daily Herald editorial board interview for his state Senate seat campaign.

When asked Monday about handling all that goes with running for the open Senate District 26 seat, Gentes responded he's on a leave of absence from his full-time job as operations director at the Realtor Association of NorthWest Chicagoland.

However, association Chief Executive Officer Peggy Kayser refuted Gentes in a statement issued Tuesday.

"On advice of counsel, I cannot give the terms of his separation, but Bill stating he is on a leave of absence is an outright lie," Kayser said.

Gentes is running against Republican Dan Duffy for the Senate seat, which covers Libertyville Township in Lake County west to McHenry, Dorr and Nunda townships in McHenry County, and part of Palatine Township in Cook County. Both want to replace retiring Republican state Sen. William Peterson of Long Grove.

When informed of Kayser's statement, Gentes admitted he was fired in February and apologized for not telling the truth during the editorial board interview.

"I'm embarrassed that I'm unemployed," said Gentes, 49.

Duffy, 42, of the Lake Barrington area, disputed Gentes' original leave of absence statement during a separate visit to the newspaper Monday.

Meanwhile, the suburban organization that formerly employed Gentes recommended the Illinois Association of Realtors support Duffy in the race.

Jeff Metzger, director of governmental affairs for the state group, said Duffy received a $5,000 contribution after the endorsement.

Gentes says in the interview above:

" I allow uncensored commenting with three rules: no personal attacks, no profanity and no slander, so if you want to get after me go for it within those boundaries and I am fine with it. In three years maybe 20 posts have been kicked, which shows some class from my detractors."

This is not even close to being the truth--he just wiped out 25 posts yesterday alone. What Bill doesn't like said about him, he erases from his blog...even if it follows his 3 rules. I'm amazed that the taxpayers of Round Lake (us) are fitting the cost of this and it's not even an open forum.

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