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  • Federal Computer Week
    "The blog is an expansive collection of posts about government’s use of Web 2.0 at the federal, state and local levels, and it is worth a look for the contacts and projects lists alone."
  • Personal Democracy Forum
    "If you haven't yet, check out Craig Colgan's Municipalist blog which claims it is 'Fearlessly investigating the dark and mysterious world of public sector blogging.' And indeed it is, with over two-dozen profiles of public sector bloggers. I didn't even know there were that many!"
  • Slate
    "Municipalist, a blogger who blogs about, um, blogging, ..."


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[And for the record: This blog is "Municipalist," not "The Municipalist." Thanks.]

Municipalist reports and comments on the state of the use of the Web by all corners of government, in the United States, Europe, and around the world, to engage directly with the governed.

We want a conversation. That is our revolution.

We have been linked to by Slate, Politico, Washington Post, and other political, news, technology, and government sites. I am a consultant and writer based in Washington, D.C. I write about the Web and media for publications such as The Washington Post, National Journal, etc.

The intended audience here is definitely not new media analysts or evangelists or "futurists" or any other self-appointed expert. I am aiming at those who are curious about Web 2.0, and/or those who may be public officials themselves, and are curious about new ways to build community involving government and constituents around ideas or goals.

The quote on the main page is from "Where the Wild Things Are," Maurice Sendak's brilliant children's book.

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